An Exotic and Colourful Summer Salad

One hot and sunny summer weekend, wondering what to have for lunch led to this exotic salad that was just the right thing – light, filling and gorgeous šŸ™‚

Julienne Salad with Fish

Colourful Summer Salad with Pan fried Fish!

1 Large Ripe Mango
1/2 Red Bell-pepper
2-4 inch Daikon Radish
1 Carrot
Green Onion
Coriander leaves
Onions (optional)
Green chili (optional)
Lime juice
Salt & pepper to taste
Honey or sugar to taste
Fish of your choice
Olive oil

Julienne cut the mango, pepper, radish, carrot.
Slice the green onions.
Slice the coriander leaves.
If using onions and green chili, slice them as well.

In a bowl, marinate the fish in a little lime juice with salt pepper, your choice of herb (optional), and a little chili if you like it hot. In a hot pan, add a little oil and pan fry the fish until done.

In a separate bowl, add a little lime juice, salt, pepper and little honey or sugar and mix. Taste the mixture and adjust as required. Add a little olive oil and then add all the ingredients you have just prepared except the fish. Mix well and serve topped with the fish.

You can use pan searedĀ scallopsĀ instead of the fish as well.

This could be a light lunch for 2 or a salad course for 4 depending on your appetite šŸ™‚

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