Friends, Memories and Food! – Moog Pakon Pitha (Bengali Sweet)

I love hanging out with friends. As my husband often tells me I am the happiest when I am spending time with my family and friends. Since I started blogging, I have made a few blogger friends. I know that I have not met them but I have definitely grown closer to them as I get to know them more and more through their blogs as well as by exchange of messages. I have also learnt a lot from them about blogging.

Moog Pakon Pitha

Today I would like you to meet one such blogger friend Lail of With a Spin. I became fond of her pictures of her delicious foods even before she started her blog (and me mine). We met at a Facebook group for home “chefs” who shared primarily Bengali recipes. On her blog she shares lovely traditional recipes but also some very innovative recipes that are tasty and healthy too. Her blog is not limited to food. She posts about projects around the house, parenting and much more.

Moog Pakon Pitha

Recently she asked me if I would be interested in sharing one of my recipes with her readers. You can by now guess that my answer was Yes! She for a pitha recipe. Now if you must be wondering what is a “pitha”. Well a pitha is a special sweet dish that is made a Bangladesh. Some pitha’s are of the savory variety but when most people think of pitha they are usually thinking of the sweet kind. I decided to make this pitha called “Moog Pakon” which are made from moong daal flour and rice flour. I first tried my hands at these when I was a teenager and made them successfully with my Mom’s help.  Traditionally making of pitha usually has many family members involved as it brings that festive feeling. I have many fond memories of “helping” my Grandmother make pitha when I was young.

For recipe of these easy to make and delicious pitha hop on over to Lail’s post on With a Spin. Thank you Lail for the opportunity to share my recipe 🙂


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