A Healthy, Tummy Soothing Snack of Yogurt and Flattened Rice!

This is a twist on a traditional snack of yogurt (Doi in Bengali) and soaked flattened rice, which in Bengali is called Chira.

Yogurt and Flatted Rice with SweetsDoi-Chira & Kalojam


1-2 Cups dry flattened rice or Chira
Vanilla Greek Yogurt
1-2 Kalojam, a traditional Bengali sweet

Soak flattened rice or Chira in water. Once the Chira is soft drain all the water from it. In a serving bowl, place a little of the soaked and drained chira. On top add some Greek-style (Doi in Bengali). Repeat with Chira and yogurt one more time and top it up with sliced kalojam or sweets of your choice. A healthy snack that is tasty too 🙂

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