White Chocolate Ganache!

I wanted a white chocolate filling for my red velvet cake and cupcake. I decided I wanted to try a white chocolate ganache but a good recipe is hard to come by. However, i was not ready to give up just yet. I decided to try one of the recipes I found youtube but the result was a lumpy, liquid white chocolate that can only be described as white chocolate syrup. So after trial and error, I found my own solution. This is one decadent white chocolate that is sure to delight a chocolate lover.

White Chocolate Ganache

White Chocolate Ganache

16 oz Good Quality White Chocolate, finely chopped.
1 ½ cup Cream (35% or higher)
½ cup of Butter

In a pot, heat the cream to almost boiling point. Place the white chocolate in a large heat safe bowl. Bring water to a boil in a separate pot. Make sure that the bowl of chocolate can safely seat on the pot of boiling water and the water should not touch the bottom of the bowl. Place the bowl on the pot of water. One can also use a bain marie pot. Add butter and hot cream to the chocolate. Let the chocolate and other ingredients melt and combine together to a silky smooth mixture. There should be no solid. Use a spatula to stir as required. Once it is a smooth mixture, remove from heat and let it cool to room temperature. Refrigerate in a container and use as required. It can be used a white chocolate sauce or as fillings for cakes and cupcakes.

Note: If you would like a thicker ganache, either reduce the amount of cream or add more butter. I would go with reducing the amount of cream.

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