An Easy But Filling Pasta Salad For Summer

So summer has finally decided to make an appearance in Southern Ontario, Canada! Mostly I am happy about it. My mini vegetable garden in my balcony are doing well. I have even spotted about 7-10 tomatoes and so far one bell pepper. My herbs are growing too specially the lavender and lemongrass. So look out for recipes containing all of these. Well not in the same dish hopefully, as I am not so sure how lavender will go with lemongrass.

Now the downside of the summer heat, living in an apartment with only window air conditioner – which seems to be working overtime, is that cooking can become somewhat unbearable. And, unfortunately or fortunately, we all gotta eat. The recipe I am about to share with you minimizes the amount of time I have to spend in the kitchen. The stove is only used for a few minutes to boil the pasta. Plus I can make it ahead of time. The biggest thing is that I actually love this pasta salad.

Tuna Grape Pasta Salad Close-up

Make-Ahead Tuna-Grape Pasta Salad


1 cup pasta of your choice, I prefer fusilli
grapes, cut in halves (about 1/2 cup or more according to taste)
1 can tuna, flaked, drained of all liquids
1/4 cup bell peppers, chopped
1 teaspoon sambal oelek or hot sauce, optional
salt and pepper to taste, if required
2-3 tablespoon mayonnaise, adjust according to taste

Tuna Grape Pasta Salad - Ingredients

Boil pasta according to packaging direction until al-dente. Drain and set aside to cool.

In a medium size bowl, combine all ingredients except salt and pepper. Add cooled pasta to the mixture. Taste and add salt and pepper if required. Chill in the fridge, covered, for about 3 minutes or more and serve.

Tuna Grape Pasta Salad


  • If you are in a hurry, you can serve the salad immediately but I prefer it chilled.
  • This was  one of my go to meals when I was away from home in university during my late teen and early twenties.

2 responses to “An Easy But Filling Pasta Salad For Summer

  1. We have a no screen policy for my daughter and she sneaked in while I was browsing FB the other day. While looking at your pasta, she said she wants to eat this pasta. I thought I would share that with you 🙂

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